Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you know Taiger is THREE??

Tonight, I was getting Taiger down for bed. We were sitting on his bed talking and we started playing a rhyming game. He would say a word and then I would say a word that rhymed with it, and then he would, and so on. Then, I would come up with the first word. We went back and forth. Taiger LOVES rhyming!!!! Well, I was saying single syllable words to rhyme, like "hat" (sat, mat, cat...), "no", "see", etc. After a couple of rounds, I sensed something was boring him. I never imagined it was the "short" words until it was his turn to say the first word and he said, "Emergancy Turn"!!

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Anonymous said...

He cracks me up! He is so smart!