Sunday, February 8, 2009

ATruly GREAT Adventure

My life is not my own. It is God's to do with as He will. Am I supposed to go to Africa this summer? Am I supposed to go to China? Am I supposed to get married? Am I supposed to marry Jeremy (WHO I LOOOOOVE!!!)? Am I supposed to adopt? Am I supposed to finish school (I mean, of course I AM supposed to, but I just mean, am I supposed to NOW, before anything else)? WHAT?! The best part of all this wondering is that I don't have to wonder!!!!!! GOD KNOWS! I just have to put my faith in Him. I also cannot push His time. God's will will come to pass in His time. He is greater than I. He is greater than CHina, than Africa, than the millions of orphans, than all the pain and suffering the this world. He is greater, and He has a plan! He knows how all this will work out. I just need to trust in His will, AND in His time! I cannot force God's timing. As Frodo Baggins says, "Short cuts make long delays". And so it is with taking short cuts in life. If we try to take short cuts get where we wish to be NOW, we will only cause ourselves heartache and pain. And so I wait. I wait for God to reveal to me His plan for me. I am excited to see what He has in store. What a great adventure!!

Here are some fun pictures! I wanted to arrange and label all of them, but my computer is being belligerent so they are just all up at the top and random. HA! Well, my cousin, Zach, his wife, mother and sweet little boy came to visit. They came to our warehouse and we all visited. It was wonderful! Enjoy the pictures!!

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nalder said...

It was so good to see you all! We hope we can visit again SOON!