Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Update...FINALLY! :D

TWO NEW POSTS over at http://www.sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com/! Go see MORE ways our sale is going to be helping others! Also posted there is the opportunity to win a COOL Sixteen Small Stones shirt! Go read and find out how! :D :D

SO much has been going on! Our Spring is going just as a springtime should...lots of playing outside without getting TOO hot, mornings home with Mom and afternoons with friends once they are home from school...Just perfect! We even went out and flew kites! So fun!

One thing that has been GREAT about this Spring is that I have started running again. YEAH!!!!!! As some of you may know, I. LOVE. RUNNING. Something about it...I just LOVE it. For years I have not been able to run. It has been hard not being able to do something I love. But there were other things I loved that I could do, too. I loved to ice skate, but as I got older, I had to quit spending so much time at the rink. Now, I rarely go. I LOVE singing, but life has changed and I haven't been able to stay taking lessons. Being able to run again is giving something back that I LOVE to do and it makes me so happy. Taiger rides his little 4-wheeler and I jog along beside. It is perfect because I don't have "Mommy Guilt" from leaving him to go to a gym, and he loves being able to get out and ride his little four wheeler. Everyone is happy!

This post is really random because there is so much to say! So, sorry!

Plans for leaving for China are still going well. Taiger got his passport. What a proud day. I was so excited. :) In my mind, getting your first passport is sort of a rite of passage, or something...a major event in one's life. I LOVE that my little baby has a passport. Can't wait until every single page is filled with Visas to different countries! :D

Okay, so I made a few online purchases lately. One, I may or may not even mention here...ever. I haven't decided. If I do, it will certainly get it's OWN post. The other thing I bought, I am really, really excited about. Ready for this? I bought me...

Okay, although I am overwhelmed with excitement, I will calm it down a bit because I realize you may have NO IDEA what Vibrams even are! Here is a visual aid:

Yes, those really ARE shoes. :)

Any I LOOOOVE them! I have been wanting them for almost FIVE years. Yes, I am not even exaggerating AT ALL. Since Taiger was a wee little lad, I have wanted some. I found JUST the ones I want online, and I ordered them! I will let you know what I think of them when I get them. I'll have to do a review. :) (HUGE note: There are TONS of "FAKES" out there, and websites claiming to sell authentic VFF. If you want some, go to birthdayshoes.com and at the bottom of the page is a link to a list of REAL VFF retailers. How did I find this out? I searched ALL over online for the best ones and, in the end, ordered from a FAKE retailer! Now, I know about this page, and I have since ordered me some REAL ones.)

Taiger is doing well. All of his boy cousins are here visiting, so he couldn't be happier. FINALLY, someone to play with who actually knows HOW to play Batman! (Apparently, I am NO good at it...NO good). It has been busy and fun (Taiger has been completely wiped OUT by the time bedtime rolls around) and Taiger has LOVED having so many little buddies around to play.

Notice the HUGE lack of pictures in this post? That is because we are half moved to Idaho, and one of the things that is with the half that is moved is my camera charger. So...no pictures for a while more. Darn, huh? I know. I think I need some kind of rehab to come down off of my camera. I am THAT addicted to taking pictures.

Alright, so that is the low-down with our little family! PLEASE take the time to go read sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com and hear about all of the great projects we are doing! :)

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