Thursday, May 6, 2010



SEARCH NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, have you come to THE RIGHT PLACE! Here are THREE ideas that will make your Mom's heart sing!

** IDEA 1 (NO! NOT the cute little munchkin in the picture...sorry!) NECKLACE
COST: $18.00

Something about being a Mom bonds you to other Moms! Mothers in Uganda, Africa were desperate to feed their families! Without hope, they struggled daily to take care of their little ones. Along comes a woman who starts a program where the Moms in the village get together and make traditional necklaces, which this woman sells, and VIOLA! The women have a way to get their children food AND bond with other Moms in the community! Order one of these necklaces for your Mom and know that while she is thanking you for buying a pretty necklace, another Mom out there is, too! :) (Personal Note: I bought one of these necklaces and have worn in almost every day since! It matches everything, the quality is excellent and it looks SO GOOD on! You won't regret it, and Mom will LOVE it!)


COST: $40.00 (I THINK!)

ORDER FROM: http://www.3seams.com/2009/10/20/hello-world/ (I didn't see a way to order from this site, so maybe you will have to email them and ask them...unless you are smarter than I, which is quite possible, and you can see a way to order online!)

Few things make a Mom happier than dressing up her little girl in pretty clothes. Say what you want, but watching your their little daughter dance and twirl in a new dress brings tears to a Mama's eyes :) A Mom has made this GREAT company where she sews these amazing, hand-made dresses for little girls! They are even reversible! The cool thing is, when you buy a dress, one EXACTLY like it is sent to a little girl in Haiti! Awesome! Giving any Mom a dress for her little girl is a gift enough, but knowing that a little girl in need is getting one, too, makes this gift super sweet!

**IDEA 3 (AND THE BEST ONE, actually...saved the best for last, you know;)!!)


COST: $20.00 (WHAT A STEAL!)

ORDER FROM: http://www.sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com/ (Use the oh, so convenient paypal button on the top left hand corner of the screen...OR mail a check to me at the address on the left hand corner under the paypal button...so easy, huh?!)

Sixteen Small Stones has in their new shirts! Boy, did they turn out NICE! They are GREAT shirts, and not just "t-shirt" shirts, but actually nice shirts. The logo on the front is colorful and looks so nice! Let your Mom show the world that she CARES by wearing a shirt that announces that she supports the efforts of Sixteen Small Stones! She will look nice and FEEL good in this official Team Sixteen Small Stones shirt! ALL proceeds goes STRAIGHT to our partner homes, so you can rest assured this purchase is changing lives! http://www.sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com/!!

The catch to ALL of these is that they probably would NOT be delivered to your Mom for Mother's Day. :( But don't worry....Mom's are known for their patience ;). To let her know about her gift before it arrives, try this special idea:

Write her a card telling her how much you LOVE her (I promise if you home-make it and trace your hand on the front, your Mom will start crying! Trust me...I am a Mom! I know these things ;)!!).

Tell her how much you appreciate her, and include examples of why, or of times she has helped you. Point out her good qualities, or tell her how she has set an example for you.

Finally, tell her about the gift you have purchased for her and is on the way (you don't have to tell her quite yet that you made this purchase with HER credit card...save that for later. You don't want to ruin the moment :).). Explain how this gift to her is also helping someone else (Moms sometimes have a difficult time accepting gifts...but if they know that by them accepting this gift they are helping someone else, it will make it easier for them...not to mention, for many of us, it is our Moms who set the example of service to others and of helping those in need. Maybe point this out in the card, and explain that this gift is a way for YOU to honor the example she was to you.).

Of course, sign the card with a BIG, "I LOVE YOU!"...we Moms can't hear that enough. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday (thought I would add the

"this Sunday" part for those of you who may not know! LOL!).


Shannon Dooley said...

What fun ideas! I still want to buy the cute little munchkin tho! What a doll!

B-Blogit said...

wahoo! it is like a whole wardrobe. Shirt, dress neckless. all we need now is sandles and logo pants!