Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything!

Please tell me you know that poem or I am just going to feel really, really cheesy (rather than just really cheesy).

We have done some fun things lately! Despite the SNOW STORM we have had the last few days, it really is SPRING, regardless of what Mother Nature believes. A week or so ago, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so Taiger and I went to the park! It was SO FUN!

Taiger and I spent St. Patrick's Day at the Children's Museum and BOY did he LOOOOVE it! Because it was a free day, there were SO MANY PEOPLE THERE, which would have been okay, but it seemed that all of the snottiest kids were there. Horrible. But Taiger still had tons of fun, and I snapped away with my camera. :)
We also had the opportunity to go to my cousin's wedding in Idaho! It was great to see family and friends :)! Of course, Taiger and I HAD to go to Reed's Dairy for their FAMOUSE and SO DELICIOUS, fresh ice cream! We dragged my brother along with us. Taiger really enjoys his company and I think Uncle had fun watching Taiger eat ice cream!

Bryttan, Kramer and I celebrated Hari Krishna/Holi Fest. It was absolutely amazing. Celebrating colour, celebrating spring...it was beautiful and amazing and very JOYFUL!! I would LOVE to write more about it, but I would ramble on and on so I will will leave it with pictures....A picture is worth a thousand words anyway, and it takes less time to appreciate!:D
Okay, my computer is being CRAZY, and I can't get the rest of the photos to load. So, I will post more Hari Krishna photos when I can. In the meantime, they are all loaded on facebook! You can see them there if you really are that interested. :D hee hee


megan said...

cute post... looks like you have a future rock climber on your hands!!! your brother's mustauche is ***awesome***! and you are gorgeous as always. by the way, you take such great photos... so artistic!

Lois said...

Love your photos! Your little man is getting so big!

Staci said...

I love farm fresh ice cream. Mmmm.
Also, I hate snotty kids at the museum. I want to hand everyone hand sanitizer and surgical masks...