Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It seems I always take SO LONG between blogging posts. I am sorry for this. It is a fault of mine. One reason is that I update my other blog more regularly so I have little time for updating this one! If you want to read that blog, it is at sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com. It focuses on the volunteer side of our lives, while this blog focuses on our LIFE lives. Funny thing is, a LOT of our lives right now are mostely based around our volunteer work! (What better way to live, right?! In perpetual service! I LOVE IT!)

Okay, but aside from all that, we have been crazy busy and having fun! We are getting ready for Bryttan's wedding, are in the middle of moving back to Idaho, are moving warehouses for our work, are getting ready to move to China (did you guys all know about that??) AND in the middle of all that, we had EASTER!
I have been TRYING ALL DAY to post pictures, but these are the only ones that would load. :( Maybe I will have more luck loading them to facebook, so if you are my friend, you can check there, and if you are NOT my friend...YOU BETTER ADD ME! :D
Enjoy these FEW pictures (which are rather dissapointing because, for the most part, the ones that would load are the ones without actual people. Sorry. You will have to enjoy the few that have people and wait for more to come later...when the computer isn't being so silly!)

It was a FANTASTIC Easter! The night before, we had a special Family Home Evening that was all about Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. It was so spiritual and I think Taiger could really sense the importance and spirituality of Easter.

The next day, Taiger had a BLAST hunting Easter Eggs! I have NEVER, in all my days, seen a child have SO MUCH FUN hunting eggs! His EXCITEMENT was overwhelming and it was SO FUN to watch him hunt eggs and scream and jump up and down each time he found one! It was great. He got some special little gifts in his Easter basket, too, and that made it fun for him as well.


Shannon Dooley said...

Sounds fun!

Megan and Vinny said...

are you really moving back to idaho? how did i miss that one?