Monday, April 26, 2010

Begging...and an announcement about a Garage Sale for Sixteen Small Stoens

Hello from the silence! Sorry, again, as usual, for not blogging in so, so long. :( =SIGH= My ONE (and ONLY, if you are wondering) flaw. ;)

Okay, so I am here to BEG some help! Sixteen Small Stones is having this huge, amazing, wonderful Garage Sale to raise money for the children. ALL of the money goes to helping our Friend Homes and Friend Organizations/Ministires. It is going to be a WAY cool Garage Sale, totally out of the ordinary, and I encourage you all to read all about it at www.sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com .

Okay, so now for the begging. Do you have ANYTHING you would like to donate to be sold at this sale? Anything at all? As you are doing your "Spring Cleaning" (who does that anymore?! Well, maybe you do!) and thinking, "My child NEVER plays with this toy anymore. Hmmm, I wonder what, oh, WHAT I should do with it?!" or "Gosh, I used to LOVE this shirt, but I have this new one I love EVEN MORE...what to do with this old shirt?! Hmmmmm...", remember that Sixteen Small Stones would absolutely LOOOOVE that old toy, or that amazing shirt you never wear. Set it aside and then shoot me a comment on here asking where to drop it off! Be sure and leave your email address so I can reply. ;)

I don't have a date yet for this sale...waiting to see how many millions of people are just DYING to donate items and how long they need to bring over their truckloads of wonderful, used goods. :) (Don't you love my possitive thinking?!) I will let you know AS SOON as we have a set date! Also, I will be setting up a facebook page for this event, so be sure and RSVP so I can see how many thousands of people will be showing up. Boy, will the neighbors ever be mad! :D :D

Thank you all!

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