Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taiger's In Idaho.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. There hasn't been much to say! Taiger has been gone for FOUR DAYS! I miss him LIKE CRAZY!!!!!! He is in Idaho visiting Grandpa and Uncle Bryndon, and other relatives. He absolutely LOVES going to Idaho!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what he loves more, seeing Grandpa and Bryndon or playing with the mass amounts of LEGOS they have spread all over the sun-room (I mean, usually they are put away nicely, but once Taiger arrives, the sunroom becomes a Lego-Land!!).

Sunday, my Mom was going to be going to Idaho and she offered for Taiger to come along. I was hesitant, but Taiger had NO reservations about it! He begged to be able to go and I relented. I knew four days would be long for me, er, HIM, but he so badly wanted to go that I let him. I quickly packed his bag. About 12 outfits, two kinds of Tylenol and two pair of shoes...that's "all" I felt he needed for four days in a house WITH a washing machine and three OVERLY doting adults for him to have his most basic needs met. Hey, I didn't send the kitchen sink, so I thought I was doing pretty well.

Saturday night, Jeremy and I went to the mall and OF COURSE brought Taiger with us. Because Taiger hadn't taken a nap, I figured he'd fall asleep in the car and I wanted him in something comfortable so he could just wear those clothes to bed. I put him in a cute t-shirt and "work-out" style pants. Wow, did he look ridiculous! Something about the pants with that shirt and then his boat shoes...he looked horrible! BUT I let it go. His comfort was WAY more important than his "dressed-well" level. (He rode in the stroller at the mall, so you couldn't really tell what he was wearing, AND I crossed my fingers we wouldn't see anyone we knew...HA HA! Am I paranoid or what?! Really, I am not THAT anal, but this outfit was sad). So, of course, Taiger fell asleep on the way home and I carried him in to bed and left him in his comfy, albeit nerdy, clothes. So, the next morning when my Mom wanted him to go to Idaho, he had only just woken up and wasn't yet dressed. I decided to let him travel in those comfy clothes and they could dress him in Idaho. At the last minuet, my Mom grabbed an extra outfit that was laying out, thinking it was something I had meant to pack but had accidentally left out. Anyway, about two hours after they left, my Mom called. They had stopped to let Taiger go to the bathroom, but when they went to get his shoes for him, his bag was nowhere to be found. I ran into the living room and, sure enough, there was the bag, all packed up nicely, sitting by the couch, waiting to be put into the trunk of the car that had already left.

I thought it so ironic that I had been so paranoid about what to pack and in the end it didn't even matter! I realized he had no Tylenol, but they could buy that at the store. It also meant he had no shoes! But my Mom said she would buy him some flip-flops or something cheap to get him by. However, the shock hit when I realized he was in Idaho for four days with nothing to wear but that super nerdy outfit!!!! HA HA! Luckily, my Mom had stuck in that one extra outfit, so she can do laundry and have SOMETHING decent for him to wear!

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