Sunday, August 30, 2009

147 Million

Please, please read kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com. Her post this week almost made me cry! How are YOU going to help just ONE of the 147 million orphans that are in the world today? It is really, really easy. And if everyone helps ONE then they will all be taken care of!! If you don't know what to do to help there are some amazingly simple things you can do! 1) PRAY. It requires no long-term commitment nor any monitary investment. 2) Purchase a product from 147million.com. The products are made by local refugees, and ALL proceeds go to help the children Katie feeds. The necklaces are made by the women in one of Katie's villiages, so buying a necklace sends money right to those women PLUS provides food through Katie's program for the kids! Also, sometimes the money goes to help families who are adopting! WOW! What an easy way to help in many different ways PLUS you get something super cool (like a necklace or a saddle bag, both of which I am saving money to buy! LOVE 'EM!) 3) Sponser a child through Amazima or another orphan care organization. 4) Help with Sixteen Small Stones (my favourite, hee hee).

Of course, you could always ADOPT...... :D

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