Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere...

So, Taiger is going to the most FUN Vacation Bible School this summer!!!!!  (More on that later.)  At this VBS, they are raising money to provide clean water to people who otherwise wouldn't have any.  SUCH a great cause!  So, to help us all appreciate how much water we actually use in a day, they handed out a little "worksheet" with statistics from the Franklin Institute website.  I uploaded a picture of the worksheet here so you can figure out how much water YOU use in a day.  The idea is to consider donating one cent (or more!) for each gallon of water you use each day.

                          If you click on the picture, it should open big enough to read!!

So, you fill in the number of times in a day you do each thing, and multiply that by the gallons of water per activity(ex. I brush my teeth twice a day, so I multiply the 2 gallons per brushing by 2 brushings, so I use four gallons a day on brushing my teeth.  Brush teeth x 2 = 4.)  Then, you add your total at the end to see how many gallons you use per day.

I will admit, the results for me were pretty depressing.  I hope yours are better so your day isn't kinda ruined...like mine was.

Good luck.

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