Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Adopting...In Heaven??

I know you are probably all expecting a patriotic post.  Unfortunately, this is not one.

I know you are all DREADING another post about the BIG BREAK UP.  Fortunately for you, this is not one of those, either.  (I have bit my tounge, er, fingers?? and refrained for speaking of my woes here today.  You can thank me later.)

Instead, this is a soap box post.  Sorry.

On facebook, someone just posted a picture of themselves with an "aids orphan" in Africa.  After professing her love for this little girl, the person who posted this picture proclaimed, "When I get to Heaven, i will request to be her Mommy. How I love her."

Oh man, there is so much RIGHT about this post!  She was in Africa and helping people and she opened her heart to this little girl!  So, how can Miss Preachy Pants (that's me) find fault with this amazing person?

Ugh.  I suck, huh?  I am not finding fault with her! ... dang it...yes I am, huh?  But just hear me out, okay?

First of all, we are asked to care for the orphans HERE, NOW.  Not in Heaven when it is "easy", but here when we have to sacrifice and struggle and fight to adopt.  Okay, okay, so for all I know this person has adopted a million other kids but just couldn't adopt this ONE, but loves her and wants to be with her.  I get it.  I am being snobbish.  But here is where my REAL hurt over this comes in.

This child HAS a mother.

A mother who is already in Heaven WAITING FOR HER, LOVING HER, and I believe even WATCHING OVER HER.  I just do not think that we can put in a request to God to take someone else's child.

NOW...that being said, I know there are going to be a lot of people right now arguing that if you say that, then you would have to also say that when you adopt on earth you are often "taking" (EW!  What a HORRIBLE word to use for a child!  I HATE it!) someone else's child.

The thing is, she is an orphan ON THIS EARTH, BUT WILL NOT BE ONE IN HEAVEN!!!!!!  She NEEDS to be adopted here on Earth!  Once in Heaven, she will be with her mother.  AND...if she is adopted on Earth, I believe she will be with BOTH mama's in Heaven.  (After spending any time on earth as an orphan, I believe she should get the rest of eternity with TWO mommies to love on her FOREVER. :) )

So, DON'T stop adopting on Earth! :)  If you have adopted, you ROCK in my book. :)  And, of course your adopted child will be with you in Heaven!!  But I believe she will be with her birth mother, too, if her birth mother chooses to be. If  a mother has had to allow her child to be adopted, or she passed away and her child has been an orphan, I believe SHE WILL BE WITH HER CHILD IN HEAVEN!  And...if you have loved an orphan on Earth but have been unable to adopt that child, YOU ARE AMAAAAAZING for caring for that child and showing her love she maybe isn't feeling from elsewhere in her current situation.  BUT...I do NOT believe you will be able to take that child away from her mother when you get to Heaven.  There are orphans I have helped care for who I wished I could adopt, but was unable to.  And I hope that in Heaven I will get to be with them and love on them and see them happy and whole.  And I hope I will get to see them in the arms of their parents who love them.

What do YOU think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments. :)  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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