Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Skating FUN, and Hard Times with Sensory Integration Disorder

Taiger and I went ice skating again today. We had a lot of fun!!

There are some people who are completely candid on their blogs. They just tell it like it is. I like those people. So, this is my attempt at being candid. Today, Taiger had a hard day with his Sensory Integration Disorder. We had fun skating when we first got on the ice. But he ended up spending a great deal of time sitting and laying on the ice, or just standing on the ice. He simply could NOT focus long enough to skate around the rink, or even to get up when he fell. I got out of patience when he "wouldn't" get up (he was getting wet and cold, I wanted him to learn he couldn't stay sitting on the ice because someone could trip over him, and I just wanted him to get up and skate with me.). I got mad. Later, I felt badly. I know he doesn't intentionally disobey. It is just sometimes really hard to remember that. I get so out of patience sometimes, and I hate that about myself. I pray almost every single day that I will be more patient. Today, I totally failed. I just pray he will recover from the hurt of mommy getting mad at him for something he can't help. Oh man, the more I talk about it, the worse I feel...and I SHOULD feel badly! Ugh! I am such a bad mom!
See that rant? That is why I am not usually quite so candid on my blog. Well, it is there now, and I am leaving it.
Anyone out there have kids with Sensory Integration Disorder?
Anyway, we really did have a lot of fun skating. We pretended we were airplanes, and when Taiger's foot got "tired", he sat in the hockey box and watched while I remembered how to do my Walz Jumps. It was fun, and I love spending one-on-one time with Taiger...no phone, no computer, no tv, no Ninten*do 64, no one else. Just us! (But NOT the same "just us" that we had in China. That was pretty lonely. It was "just us" like we get to enjoy each other and still have human contact outside of us.) Taiger is so good at skating and he LOVES it! Here are a few videos for your viewing enjoyment (WARNING: These probably won't be at all interesting for ANYONE other than Grandma and maybe Aunt Bryttan!)

The first video is rather rough. We had JUST gotten out on the ice, and Taiger not only had not yet "remembered" how to stand up after falling, you can also see he is already struggling to pay attention to what he is doing so he can just... STAND UP!


Shannon Dooley said...

Oh Brec, I just love your honesty. I too enjoy blogs where people talk candidly and don't sugar coat life, as sweet as it may be. I have a friend who strikes me as this ideal Mom who never loses her cool, always has creative stuff planned for her kids, & her house never has a spec of dust. Oh, & she always looks fabulous. It was this kind of perfection that got me doubting my skills as a Mom myself. She wrote some candid blogs and confided in me one day about her struggle to be patient with her kids and how she has to lock herself in her bathroom from time to time to catch her breath and really not go overboard. I was shocked but also relieved because I realized that these doubts I was having in myself were silly & unjust. No parent is perfect. It made me feel a whole lot better to know that she loses her cool too & feels bad about it, lol. There's nothing like being in good company! :) If she isn't a perfect Mom, than believe me, NOBODY is & that means you & I don't have to be either because it's when we try to be perfect that we fail. My point to all this is don't beat yourself up over it. I don't know your particular struggle with T's SID, but I have been there as far as losing my patience. Getting fed up with my little guy & then aching with guilt. I want to thank you for being honest & open. It reminds me I'm not alone, but also makes me focus on my faults & makes me want to do better. So thank you for that. I love ya girl! You are an awesome Mom! An awesome daughter & sis! An awesome friend! An an awesome daughter of God! Don't ever forget it!

B-Blogit said...

I think you are a great mom. As parents we all have our weak moments. Kids are kids for the first time and we are parents for the first time somwe make mistakes.

I didnt realize he had this disorder and it must be trying some times. Support can come trough prayer and faith as well as comfort. Friends and famiky helo too

Just remember iy is your first time as a parent you arent perfect and a pfect parent isnt what he needs or he wouldnt be here.

Hang in there