Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?....

....To go to the celebration for William and Sarah, of course!
And that is where Taiger and I were trying to get to as well.
Unfortunately, we became very, very, very lost.

Late Friday night, I received notice from sweet Lois that there would be a celebration Saturday morning at 11:00 in Lehi with ALL of the families in the area who had adopted or were adopting from Lucky Hill gathering to celebrate the baptism of William and Sarah (Patience). I was so excited I almost couldn't sleep! Really. I stayed up and arranged work schedule and did laundry so we could get out of the house early and to the celebration by 11:00am.

The next morning, I told Taiger where we were going and why. Boy, was he excited! So much so, in fact, that he brushed his own teeth and fixed his own hair and got himself ready to go, wanting to look nice and to prove his maturity to go to such an exciting party.

On the drive there, we laughed and sang and talked about how much fun we would have!

We took the exit, and immediately we were lost.

We pulled into Lehi at 11:00, which was when the celebration was set to begin. I figured we would probably be there in 5-10 mins, so a little late, but not too bad. I was actually really impressed, seeing as how we are USUALLY late for EVERYTHING!!

First, we went up to Sun Crest (or something like that). What a beautiful drive! I kept wanting to snap some pictures, but at this point I still held out hope we would get to the celebration without being terribly late, so I was not willing to waste time with picture taking.

Then, we drove all the way south, into another town. There, we stopped at a gas station to ask directions. Neither person behind the counter, nor any of the customers, knew how to find where we were heading. In the end, the man behind the counter became rude and we left, embarrassed and still very lost.

We headed north again and after a long while, stopped to ask directions.

These people also had NO CLUE where it was we were trying to find, but looked up directions on google. They were so kind and helpful...but it took them a LONG time to get the directions.

Back outside, it had started to snow. My Mom had called many times to ask if we had found the gathering yet and to tell us to get on the road soon so we didn't get caught in the blizzard heading our way.
Taiger ate the falling snow...

Then, drew us a map on the etch-a-sketch, sure that would help us find our way.

Unfortunately, his map was also wrong, and we wandered lost some more.

By now, we were so late, I wasn't sure the celebration would still be taking place. I told Taiger we may have to give up. Choking back tears, he told me we couldn't give up yet, and begged for us to keep looking so he could see William.

It broke my heart, so I did what any Mom would do in that heart-strings-pulling situation...

I kept driving.
And as we drove, I snapped pictures of some of the things we saw....an old truck with Santa as the passanger....
A cool house that looked like a church...
Some odd looking people waiting to cross the street...
And a chicken crossing the road (nothing strange in that, people) (REALLY...a CHICKEN, well, rooster, CROSSING THE ROAD! Where WERE we? The TWILIGHT ZONE?!?!??!)

But, I kept driving...
In circles.

Looking for the right place...

that I am SURE didn't exist (at least NOT in The Twilight Zone, where we now were).

Finally, we said a prayer and I asked Heavenly Father to help Taiger not be too disappointed and to help him know that Mommy really wanted him to go to the party, we just could NOT find it.

The snow was getting worse, and after two hours of hunting, I gave up. Taiger tried to be brave and not cry as we entered the freeway, but from the back seat he asked in a voice soft with emotion if maybe we could have our own party and invite William and Adjoa (the only two names he could remember).

As we got on the freeway the blizzard was in full swing. Visibility was low, the roads were slick and the ice was heavy on the window wipers.

I was glad we left when we did, but poor Taiger was so disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh man! I was really hoping for a happy ending where you finally found the party just in time to see everyone. Shucks. I love that Taiger drew you a map. How cute is that?! And your chicken picture is a classic. LMBO. Love it!


megan said...

wow, what a an adventure you two had! i think that this is my favorite post so far. the map that taiger made is precious. he is a very sweet boy.

i love you!