Thursday, October 8, 2009


We have this new body wash that has little "beads" of Shea butter in it. SO COOL! Well, I just put Taiger in the tub and scrubbed him up. Then, I came in my room to do some work and let Taiger play in the tub (the bathroom is next to my room, so don't worry...and he is so loud in the tub...if it were quiet, I would go running in there!). A moment later, Taiger hollared out to me, "Mom, Lyman is my best friend."
"Lyman? Who is Lyman?"
"No, LYMAN" (s0mehow I had mispronounced his name. I tried several more times at a proper pronunciation befor letting it go.)
"Okay..." I answered without thinking much of it.

A moment later he asked, "Can you get me a cup to catch Lyman?"
"In a minuet..." I said.
A moment later, "Mom? Can you get me a water bottle to catch Lyman in?" Well, now I was curious! I got his cup to catch Lyman. Handing him the cup, I said, "Here's a cup. Now, who is Lyman?" He giggled in a funny way. "Come on, who's Lyman?" He layed down on his stomach in the wayer, his face close to the surface and said, "This is Lyman! He's my best friend!" Where he pointed was one of the little Shea Butter "beads", floating around in the water!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest story ever! I hope to meet your sweet little boy one day!


megan said...

what a sweetheart!!!