Friday, August 15, 2008

Random thoughts On A Windy Night

August 15, 2008

I am sitting outside right now, watching my son play in the falling night. He and his friend, the neighbor boy, are playing in their Little Tykes cars. They are so cute and so sweet.

I am doing a little school with my son and we started tonight. He traced letters and shapes and we sang little songs and talked about colours. My son is SO smart! He can trace already, and I am amazed.

My son is getting excited about going to Africa. So am I!

A little about the planned trip to Ghana...
We are going to stay at Luckyhill orphanage/school in Ghana. I am really interested at this time in helping the older girls who have not yet been adopted, but have nowhere to "go". Luckyhill is really geared towards children ages 2-12. The babies that are brought to Luckyhill stay with host families. The older girls, however, have no place. I worry for them, and so do Kingsley and Lois, as well as others. Everyone has decided to focus on these older girls for this year's "Project". I feel strongly that I am supposed to help with this project. Although I felt I should go to Luckyhill before I thought about helping with this project, I now know this is what I am supposed to do. I am so excited to go work with these wonderful young women.

Right now, my biggest concerns are: 1.) How will Mom work without me there, and 2.) How will I afford an airplane ticket and food while I am there.

My son is getting fussy and ready for bed. I will end here for now.

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