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Mother's Day Gift Ideas!!

NOTE:  In this world are mothers who have hurt their children.  In this world are mothers who do not love their children.  In this world are mothers who are not what I would consider mothers at all.  In this post, I speak of mothers.  In the first paragraph, I am speaking of biological mothers who have birthed their children and are made mothers through birthing their own children. EVERYONE in the world has had a mother who birthed them, even if that may not be the person they call "mother".  I know that for many people, mother's day brings up feelings of pain.  Because of my sensitivity to this, I wanted to write this little note to let you know that the first paragraph in this post does talk about biological mothers.  The first paragraph speaks of the feelings of and toward biological mothers.  However, the rest applies to any woman, related by blood or not, who loves you, who has cared for you and who you love in return. This can be a loving friend, an aunt or Grandmother, a foster mother.  This can be your mother who adopted you legally, or your mother who adopted you in her heart and loves you regardless of any paperwork.  Mothers come in any age, colour, size, financial situation, health state or religion.  It doesn't matter how long you have known her, how much time you spend with her, or how often the two of you talk.  It doesn't matter if she sings, or tells stories, or sews or cleans.  She may speak your language, or not.  The thing that makes a person your mother is LOVE. 

The first person in your life to serve you was your mother.  If you are alive now, it means your mother carried you in her womb.  She sacrificed her body to create yours.  She nourished you.  Her breath breathed life in to you.  Chances are, once you were born she held you close and warmed your body with her warmth.  She may have cried tears for you, she may have laughed over you.  She might have kissed you, or touched you tenderly.  She protected you.  She cared for you.  She may have nursed you, giving you the nourishment from her own body.  She may have held you and fed you in another way.  If you were born with health complications, she may have had someone help her come to sit by your incubator, just to "be there" for you.  Regardless of your situation, she certainly sacrificed for you.

Those first months of your life, she continued to sacrifice for you, to serve you.  She woke in the night to comfort you.  She made sure you had food when you were hungry.  She warmed you when you were cold.  She tickled you and smiled at you to teach you joy.  She may have sang to you, even when she was tired.  She changed your diaper, even when she was busy.  And she loved you with everything she had.

When you were older, she helped you learn to crawl, then steadied you with gentle hands as you tried your first, uncertain steps.  She pulled dangerous objects from your mouth, blew on food that was too hot, picked out clothes for you that were comfortable and soft, and continued to teach you to smile.

The day you started school, she may have combed your hair.  She may have made you breakfast.  Maybe she ironed your shirt, or comforted you when you were nervous about meeting new friends or if your teacher would be nice.  Possibly, she was a little choked up as you stepped on to the school bus, as she worried who would sacrifice their lives for you in her absence.

Maybe your mother blew up balloons for you.  Maybe she colored with you.  She might have carefully taught you how to cut a paper.  Or perhaps she made your bed for you.

Every mother is different.  Your experience may have been very different from any of those above.  But chances are, your mother has sacrificed for you, in some way.

Your mother was probably your first example of service.  Did you learn from her example?  Do you serve others as she did?

This Mother's Day, serve in her honor.  Sacrifice in her honor.  If you want to give your mother a gift, give her a gift that shows her you learned that wonderful lesson of charity that she has been teaching you since before your birth.

Below are 5 of my FAVOURITE  Mother's Day gifts that make a difference to mom and to others around the world.  (Simply click on the title and you will be redirected to the website.)

NECKLACE from 147 Million Orphans
These beautiful necklaces are hand crafted by women in Africa, mothers who are selling them to earn money to provide for their own families.

HANDBAG or CLUTCH from Tukula  (and click HERE for their Mother's Day special!)
This company sells beautiful items that mom will LOVE this Mother's Day!  These handcrafted items are made by women in Africa who are working hard to better their lives, their families, and themselves.  Such a GREAT cause!

STUFFED BUNNY from Bunnies For Buganda
Is your mother now your children's Grandmother?  A darling stuffed bunny is the perfect gift for any Grandma!  Your mom will love having a new, soft toy to play with with her grandkids!  When you purchase one of these sweet, cuddly bunnies, an identical one is sent to a child in Africa.  What better way to continues Mom's legacy of service?

My dear friend is involved with the work of Relay For Life, an organization dedicated to helping those suffering from Cancer.  This year, Mr. T and I are honored to be participating in this relay.  If you are interested in donating for your Mom, please contact me by leaving a comment in this blog post.  THANK YOU!

T-SHIRT from Sixteen Small Stones
Of course, I HAD to include MY non-profit organization!!  We have Sixteen Small Stones shirts in bright spring colours that will look great on mom!  ALL of the money goes to sending needed items to orphans in our programs in Africa, China, India, Haiti and Belize!!  Order before Mother's Day and receive 20% off while supplies last!!  The best way to order is to email me at the Sixteen Small Stones' email address, smallstonesafricaandchina@yahoo.com

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