Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourteen Days!


Taiger and I catch a plane out of here in 14 days. Can you believe it? I can't.

I have so little time to accomplish all I need to before I leave, and I still am not sure if it will all be done in time...I mean, without using my time-slow-down-er-machine, which IS always a fall-back plan.

Another reminder, I WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO BLOGS OR FACEBOOK WHILE IN CHINA!!!!! If you want to be in touch for the next year (or so...), PLEASE send me your email address. :) THANKS!

I am getting really, really nervous about going to China. Worried about the house? Nah. Worried about a 15 hour flight with a four year old...a little, but we'll survive. Worried about culture shock, baby sitter for Taiger, lack of communication with the outside world? Not at all. So, what else is there? SCHOOL!!!!! I am so, so worried I am going to fail all of my classes! Remember, every single one will be taught IN CHINESE! The last time I checked, I could speak Chinese, not ramble on and one at a collage level. And I certainly cannot write every character known to man, or read long works of literature without a dictionary. I'm getting really, really nervous about this. When I Google search images of Hainan University (the school I will be attending), this picture pops up:

These people all look very studious...and smart...and I am getting nervous about keeping up with this girl in the ponytail. If I run in to her, I'm smashing her glasses and yelling at her for making me so nervous for so long by looking so smart on her Google search image picture.

Hate this girl.

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