Friday, September 11, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

My grandma Everett died. It was sad to hear, but happy, too. Ten years ago, she fought hard against Cancer, and she won! It took a lot out of her, but she survived. About a week and a half ago, she was re-diagnosed with Cancer, a different one! This one is very painful and swift-progressing. She had decided to forgo suffering through Chemo-Therapy again, and allow the cancer to take her life. She would have died quickly, but not after much pain. A few nights ago, she suddenly began having difficulty breathing, and passed away quickly and painlessly. Everyone was shocked, but i was actually happy for her. She was able to leave this life without suffering any more. I believe her finding out she had Cancer softened the blow, because we were all beginning to brace for her death anyway. We were preparing to let her go, and this way it could happen without much anguish. I will miss her, and I will always love her, but I am glad she was able to go before the Cancer attacked her any more and caused her any great suffering.

Grandma died in the middle of the night, and early the next morning my Mother left to go to Idaho to be with my Dad. She insisted on taking Taiger, and, of course, Taiger was THRILLED! He LOVES Idaho, seeing Grandpa, Uncle Bryndon and Aunt BeQin, who all live together in Grandpa's house. Grandpa's house is planted on an acre of land, where they take the dog for walks and ride on Grandpa's four-wheeler. Grandpa's house is also equipped with an array of fun toys for little boys, including a MOUNTAIN of Legos (Taiger's favorite)! While in Idaho, Taiger is spoiled ROTTEN! Bryndon and his girlfriend, April (who is SO SWEET with Taiger!), take him on outings to the zoo, the local mini-amusement park, out to McDonald's, etc. Aunt BeQin takes him outside to play with her and our next-door neighbors/cousins on their HUGE swing set and teeter-totter. Grandma and Grandpa, however, are the WORST (or BEST, if you are Taiger!)! You thought my Mom was bad normally, you should see her when she and my Dad get together!! The two of them go into Grandparent mode and Taiger is allowed EVERY luxury a child could wish, from staying up past bedtime, to eating peanut butter sandwiches at 11:00pm, to going out to dinner and ice cream! He usually comes home with a new toy, because, as Grandma says, "He was just such a good little boy, he NEEDED a special prize."

While he is away, however, I miss Taiger terribly. It is hard to be without him!! He is my little buddy, and I have missed him so much this week!

On the other hand, I really, really appreciate my family for allowing me this "break" (as bad as that may sound!), especially this week. With so much work and this HUGE exam that almost killed me, it was probably better for Taiger to be away and being spoiled rather than being ignored by his mother, who he would have been sure was there, but couldn't find her under the pile of books. Also, I have been awake a lot at night studying and getting ready for my test, and that would not have been good with Taiger here, as we share a bedroom. After expressing my appreciation to my Mom over this fact, she stated joyfully, "Well, I will just have to go to Idaho and take Taiger every time you have a big test to prepare for!" Of course, I am sure Taiger would be elated! But I don't know...if he gets any more spoiled, he may turn rotten! LOL! Just kidding. More than anything, I couldn't believe how sweet and selfless my Mother was to say that. Most people don't have the luxury of a "break" from their children, and especially not one where they can rest assured their kids are in such good hands, being so very loved and looked after and cared for. I never have to worry about Taiger's needs being met when he is in Idaho!!!!! They take such good care of him! Also, because I live with my Mom, she knows Taiger's routine and things he likes to eat and do, and all that...so really, when Taiger is in Idaho, he doesn't miss me AT ALL! When I call to check on him (aka, when I miss him and want to hear his voice) he NEVER wants to talk! He is TOO BUSY and having too much fun to talk! :D It makes me so happy to know HE is THAT HAPPY!

I am also so glad that Taiger has a special place away from home that he loves so much! I used to LOVE going to my Grandma Nalder's house...everything about her house was like a dream-land! The blankets she had seemed softer, the food better tasting, the sun sunnier, the night's dreamier, EVERYTHING was BETTER there! In fact, even though she died many years ago, I still remember her home with fondness...to the point that I often hope Heaven is JUST LIKE GRANDMA'S HOUSE! THAT happy, THAT inviting, THAT full of love and excitement! I am so glad that Taiger has those same warm, fond feelings towards HIS Grandparent's house!

Taiger in Idaho, wearing Grandpa's glasses, looking very seriously at something.

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