Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life and Death

Now that I have actually realized what I was doing with trying NOT to get in to the spirit of Christ-mas, I am going CRAZY trying to think up things I can do to make up for my stupidity (because that is all it was, really...utter stupidity). I mean, there is PLENTY I could be doing, really. But in the next week? And with Streptococcus in my stomach? I can't do everything possible, so I have to get creative and think of what I CAN do!

On a different note, KIM JONG IL IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! (Just to make sure there is no confusion, the exclamation marks are those of celebration and joy.)

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Bryttan said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!! (also excitement)
And why were you so sick?!? That's LAME! Also, you gave me a little bit of sick when we were talking on the phone. Yup, it crawled into the mouth piece, through the telephone wires, and right out of my mouth piece into my mouth. YUCK. I do want to thank you for not sending it all over to me though, that would have been the worst gift ever received from you. I hope you are feeling better now, though! And I cannot wait to see you on THursday! so you better be all up in that Christmas spiritness!!!